Sunday, February 20, 2011

Work continues on Faery Songs CD

Over the past two weeks Carl has been re-learning how to use Sonar (by Cakewalk, this is the software we use for recording). After the fire of two years ago, Carl discovered that the computer itself was still fine, so nothing there was lost. But the keyboard and mouse had to be replaced and the mixing board we'd been using had to be replaced, along with the amplifier, various cables, speakers, etc.

Anyway, during the past two weeks Carl recorded basic tracks for:
  • The Fairy Boy, written and composed by Samuel Lover (1797 - 1868)
  • The Wee Wee Man, Child #38, music by Carl Peterson
  • The Fairy Fiddler, this was re-recorded in a new key.

On Saturday, the 19th, we worked on
  • Thomas the Rhymer - this we recorded at a slower tempo then the previous version.
  • Monday Tuesday - this was recorded at a faster tempo then the previous version.
  • The Wee Wee Man - recorded new voice and guitar tracks a bit faster, but we decided the original tracks Carl had done during the week sounded better!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saints Days Sale: 15% Off

To celebrate St David's Day (March 1) and St Patrick's Day (March 17) all customers receive 15% off your entire order (excluding shipping).

Hurry! This sale ends March 17, 2011!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Alamo: 175th Anniversary

The year 2011 marks the 175th anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo!

For 13 days in 1836, around 200 Texas defenders held the Alamo from over one thousand of General Santa Anna's troops. The defenders, along with their leaders William Travis, Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett, would die fighting overwhelming odds for freedom.

The battle, that is still remembered, ended March 6, 1836.

At the Alamo in 1836 was (at least) a bagpiper and a fiddler. The men at the Alamo played and sang songs that were brought to the New World from Scotland, Ireland and England. These songs were later used as tunes for ballads and stories written about the Alamo and the Texas revolution. Carl Peterson now presents these songs, many for the first time, in an incredible double CD collection, Scotland Remembers the Alamo.

And don't miss the accompanying book Now's the Day and Now's the Hour by Carl Peterson, that examines the role of Scotland at the Alamo and in Texas history, and also includes the lyrics and music for the songs on Scotland Remembers the Alamo CD.

Purchase the CD and Book at either of these locations:
Carl Peterson


Sunday, February 6, 2011

More work on Carl Peterson's new album

Finally got another day of recording on the new album. Worked on two songs today.

  • Thomas the Rhymer (also called True Thomas) Child #37
  • Monday Tuesday

For the record, Carl does work on the songs between our recording dates!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Work on new Carl Peterson album has begun!

It was two years ago in February 2009 that there was a fire in the studio at Darach Recordings. Although the studio itself suffered only smoke damage, it was pretty extensive. Carl has finally been able to get and set up new equipment so he can start recording again!

We started three weeks ago on an album of songs that includes intervention, intrusion, kidnapping, and other hi-jinks by faeries and other supernatural beings.

On January 15th basic tracks were recorded for three songs:
  • The Fairy Fiddler (poem by Nora Jane Hopper Chesson, music by Carl Peterson)
  • The Elfin Knight (Child Ballad #2, music by Carl Peterson)
  • Paul's Little Hen (traditional)

No title yet for the album, but stay tuned for updates as it progresses!