Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Good times to be reading books.

This is a good time to be reading books and smashwords.com is offering free and discounted ebooks for period of time. There are many good books to choose from and I have offered my two books for free.
Just go to smashwords.com, enter my name and my books will come up free and ready to download.
To see reviews of both books go to amazon.com.
If any one is interested in the Alamo companion double CD of the music that also can be ordered on amazon.com.

Now's the Day and Now's the Hour Book Cover Description
 The cover uses as its background the Texas Bluebonnet tartan and the MacGregor tartan. The colours of the Texas Bluebonnet tartan, a district tartan, are based on the bluebonnet flower, which is widespread in many parts of Texas. The flower changes colour with the passing of time, the 'brim' becoming flecked with a wine red color. This tartan has been accredited by the Scottish Tartans Society.
 The MacGregor tartan represents the presence of John MacGregor, a Scotsman who played the bagpipes during the siege, and sometimes tried to musically out duel a fiddle player, who may have been Micajah Autry. 
 The top picture is of the Alamo and shows where the end came for some freedom fighters. The lower picture is Stirling Castle. It was in view of this castle that Scotland’s freedom wars were started, with Wallace’s Battle of Stirling Bridge, and Robert the Bruce’s Battle of Bannockburn.

Ewan Colin Coupar and a Touch of the Fae
A review by the book editor.
This is a nicely developed story that serves as an introduction to a fantasy/sci-fi series and will leave readers intrigued. It has many fascinating characters, but they have yet to prove their powers and interactions in a conflict. An imminent danger looms, but the reader is left wondering exactly what it is. Lingering questions may be addressed in a sequel.
Coming soon
Ewan Colin Coupar –Trolls, Trees and Children of the Fae

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