Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scottish Love Songs

Make your Sweetheart happy this Valentine's Day with Love Songs from Scotland!

Beautiful songs sung by Carl Peterson. Samples available at Scottish Love Songs

  • My Love is Like A Red Red Rose 
  • The Braes o' Balquidder 
  • Loch Tay Boat Song 
  • Annie Laurie 
  • Shy Geordie 
  • The Road and the Miles to Dundee 
  • Flow Gently Sweet Afton 
  • The Rose of Allandale 
  • Tiree Love Song 
  • Jock O'Hazeldean 
  • Barbara Allen 
  • The Bluebells of Scotland 
  • Dumbarton's Drums 
  • The Flower Of Edinburgh 
  • Eriskay Love Lilt 
  • Leezie Lindsay