Monday, August 3, 2015

June, July and August updates

My last blog was way back June 4th. so it's about time for an update! So much has been going on since my last blog, vacation in Vermont in June, back home to Kutztown then a quick turn-a-round to head of to Grandfather Mountain games then another quick turn-a-round to head of to Washington State for two festivals a week apart with a 3 day trip to visit my old friend Patrick Hughes and his family in Victoria BC.
A bit rainy in Burlington but did get enough sunny days to enjoy golf with my brothers-in law and spend quality time with my sisters-in-law and my nephews Andrew and Stephen.
Grandfather Mountain was great as usual, great weather the whole weekend for a change except for the strong winds that destroyed my tents early Thursday morning but the with the help of good neighbors and a tent supplied by the grandfather Mountain people we recovered to have a fine and profitable time. I won the Lochaber Harp (Jew's Harp) contest this year which came with bottle of single malt whisky, Old Pultney, and a first place medal.
Couldn't have better friends in the world than Randy and Jenny White out there in Buckley WA, near Enumclaw for the Pacific Northwest Scottish Festival. Randy accompanied me on my visit to the Hughes family. Victoria is such a beautiful place to visit. Pat donated a great set of shuttle pipes to me, being 92 years young he doesn't have the "blaw" for them anymore. Finally got my Pirate Songs, Sea Songs and Shanties Volume 3 released and coming soon volume 4 and a CD of two vynal albums I recorded whilst living in Montreal, aptly retitled My Montreal Years. 
Hey, I need to stop and think of what else is going on so I'll get back to this in a day or so. Thanks to the internet and social media sites like Facebook I'm making contacts with old friends and acquaintances  as far back as my primary school, the Mearn Street School in Greenock.
Back at you soon.
Cheers, Carl