Saturday, June 3, 2017

Myrtle Beach and golf, visit with old friend from Greenock

Soon be on my way to Myrtle Beach from June 4th/7th. Some golf (Dory is showing some interest), She has played twice so far, Also, we'll be visiting an old friend from Greenock, Jim O'Docherty.
Went to several places Memorial Day (National Park spots) including Washington's winter camps in Jockey Hollow and Morristown then on to East Orange to visit Thomas Edison's factories and his home, Glenmont. What an amazing man. Lastly to Paterson, NJ with their Great Falls. This was a town that Alexander Hamilton was involved in founding. I was accompanied by my friend Susan while Dory tackled more of the Appalachian Trail.
There is more to life than Scottish festivals after 30 years. Still working on my second book about Ewan Colin Coupar, coming along nicely. Just a plea to those who bought the first book and read it, would appreciate reviews on amazon. If you have not bought it yet please do. You can now by it on amazon or for a limited period you can go to my website and buy it for 50% off. With a purchase on my website you receive a Faerie ring and a book mark and an autographed copy of the book. The second book promises more spells, more Faerie Folk, more intrigue and exposure of the evil lurking forces looking for Ewan, Avril and the rest of the Cruach. Centuries old characters exist to come out of the past to help in the battles. You will be meeting the people of the sea who never sleep. Mr. Gillanders revisits Rev. Robert Kirk in Aberfoyle and has a scary encounter with Rob Roy but you need to read the first book to keep up.
Cheers, Carl