Friday, February 21, 2014

St David's Day: March 1

St David is the patron saint of Wales. Don't forget!
A national day of celebration in Wales since the 18th century.
Get your Wales flags, stickers, etc!
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Ewan Colin Coupar and a Touch of the Fae

I’m still writing my book about Ewan Colin Coupar and his adventures in the Realm of the Fae, the faerie world and the nine members of the Cruach (a secret circle of friends). Together they become involved with the faerie folk, big and small, good and evil. Hopefully I will have the first book finished and ready for editing and publishing soon. I have decided to put out some of the content as teasers so I will start with chapter one. I will add more as time goes on but will not include the entire book for obvious reasons. Meanwhile I have started the next recordings of pirate and sea songs. Keeping busy and working on my schedule for the coming year.
Cheers, Carl 

Chapter One
"Come in, come in Mr. Coupar! 10 o’clock on the dot!"
"I’m always on time," said Mr. Coupar, "it’s been important to be on time all my life."
"We’ve read the first six chapters of the story," said Mr. P, the publisher.
"Actually you’ve read six of the first seven chapters. I have chapter one right here," and he put a hefty looking manuscript on the edge of Mr. P’s desk.
"Sit down, sit down. Can I get you something to drink?"
"Coffee please," said Mr. Coupar, "if it was 10 in the evening a wee single malt would be nice. I’ll fix it myself," as he walked over to the coffee table.
"Then have a seat," said Mr. P.
After fixing his coffee Mr. Coupar sat down on a high backed leather chair facing Mr. P’s desk. "So we have the first seven chapters, well. We love it. We will publish it and when your agent arrives we can go over a proposal. When can we read the rest of it?"
"Oh it’s all here, finished," said Mr. Coupar putting his hand on the manuscript in front of Mr. P.
"Oh!" said Mr. P, "all of it?" There was a note of concern in his voice. "Well, I never expected it to be finished. In fact, I was hoping it wasn’t, quite frankly."
"Why is that?" asked Mr. Coupar.
"Well, I was just wondering if you would be agreeable to a change or two."
"Oh, like what?"
"Well, I love it, I do, but I was wondering if it was movie material, you know. Sometimes books like this, a fantasy, is great for movie versions. Well, if this took place in England, it might sell better. You know English accents and stuff. Oh I understand the book just fine, but I was thinking of stories like Peter Pan or Treasure Island by Scottish authors, but English settings, you know."
"Aye maybe, but what about Brave Heart and Rob Roy and Local Hero, they were big movies too," said Mr. Coupar.
"That’s true," responded Mr. P.
"And how," went on Mr. Coupar, "how would you change the Loch Ness monster into somewhere in England, or put the silkie folk from Scotland in the Thames maybe. Besides Scottish faeries don’t like to be English and furthermore it happened in Scotland."
"Well I agree with some of your points," said Mr. P. "but it is a fantasy."
"Well sort of, I suppose, although I didn’t make it up. I just wrote it down the way it happened," Mr. Coupar went on.
"The way it happened? Are you trying to tell me it’s true, Mr. Coupar?" laughed Mr. P. "Or is it a fairy tale and are you going to start somewhere with a long long time ago or once upon a time?"
"Aye, that’s what I’m saying, in a sense. You see by saying once upon a time it puts the story in a definite point of time in the infinite. It all happened sometime but with no particular time that I know of. I know that’s hard to explain but then maybe it’s not"
Is this guy loony? I didn’t quite understand what he just said but I think I did, thought Mr. P.
"But if it’s true Mr. Coupar, you can take us to the Loch Ness monster, or show us faeries and dragons."
"I can’t do that, Mr. P. If you read the rest of the story you would understand why not. Go on, read it."
The book slowly rose and gently dropped in front of Mr. P and opened to chapter one. Mr. P, with mouth open, started to read.
Chapter One
"Come in, come in Mr. Coupar! 10 o’clock on the dot!" 
"I’m always on time," said Mr. Coupar, "it’s been important to be on time all my life."...

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I was a guest and co-hosted a radio show on Wednesday 29th January from Edmonton, done by telephone of course with Pete the Rocker. I lived in Edmonton for most of the 60s and pretty well started my musical career there. If you want to listen to the show follow the links in Pete's message to me.
Cheers, Carl

Hi Carl!!
Thanks for Co-Hosting The Shoebox on January 29th!! It was a great show as we covered your career over the last 50 years!! The Show is up on the Shoebox website and we have a blurb about the show on our Facebook page: please add yourself as a friend to that page. Next week week Al Girard of the Rock A Tunes , Famous Last Words and Natural Gas with be Co-Hosting The Shoebox as part of The Legends of the Edmonton Music Scene Series.

Thanks again I hope you have a wonderful 2014!! We will be in touch!! Check our pages for up coming Legends shows and we will see you in 2016!! My friend is working on a Legends page for the Shoebox which will include cool pictures and facts about you!!