Thursday, July 20, 2017

Another bloody hot summer

Greetings friends,
In the middle of another hot and muggy summer. Nevertheless I have been out there in the mornings walking 3 to 4 miles a day with a little bit of a jog now and then. This time last year I suffered two heat stroke episodes so I'm being careful this year.
Just to let you know our moving on 50% off sale is still in effect with still lots left over yet including flags, windsocks, stickers, bandanas, Scottish dirks, throwing knives, Sgian dubhs and more. That includes my music CDs and books. The Alamo book about the Scottish influence at the Alamo, "Now's the Day and Now's the Hour" and my Scottish fantasy Faerie tale "Ewan Colin Coupar and a Touch of the Fae". The Alamo book has a companion double CD of music played in Texas at that time heavily influenced by Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott and there is a Faerie CD with a lyric book to go with it. Some of my CDs include my early days as a rock singer with the Kingbeezz and also my early folk days with two versions of the Patmacs folk group going back to the 60s now available on CDs. Later on in the 70s in Montreal with two long playing albums also available on one CD. To read more of these groups go to and click on the links to the websites. For the 50% off sale go to
Still working on the sequel to the Faerie fantasy. It will be a much longer story with more drama and action as the story moves forward. Hey that's enough for the noo, I'll be bletherin' with ye soon.
Cheers, Carl