Tuesday, March 3, 2009

St David's Day & Square Root Day

St David's Day, honoring the patron saint of Wales, was March 1st. Yes, we missed it! But nevertheless...

David is a native of the country of which he is patron saint (a rarity in the British Isles). He became renowned as a teacher and preacher, founding monastic settlements and churches in Wales. David died 1 March circa 589. Celebrations of this day generally involve daffodils, leeks, parades, musical and sporting events. Wales flags and gift items can be found on our Wales web page.

Today is also Square Root Day! That's right, the date is 3/3/09. Get it?! 3 is the square root of 9! Hallmark has plenty of time to prepare cards to celebrate the next Square Root Day which will be Apr 4, 2016.

Have a great day!

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