Sunday, February 20, 2011

Work continues on Faery Songs CD

Over the past two weeks Carl has been re-learning how to use Sonar (by Cakewalk, this is the software we use for recording). After the fire of two years ago, Carl discovered that the computer itself was still fine, so nothing there was lost. But the keyboard and mouse had to be replaced and the mixing board we'd been using had to be replaced, along with the amplifier, various cables, speakers, etc.

Anyway, during the past two weeks Carl recorded basic tracks for:
  • The Fairy Boy, written and composed by Samuel Lover (1797 - 1868)
  • The Wee Wee Man, Child #38, music by Carl Peterson
  • The Fairy Fiddler, this was re-recorded in a new key.

On Saturday, the 19th, we worked on
  • Thomas the Rhymer - this we recorded at a slower tempo then the previous version.
  • Monday Tuesday - this was recorded at a faster tempo then the previous version.
  • The Wee Wee Man - recorded new voice and guitar tracks a bit faster, but we decided the original tracks Carl had done during the week sounded better!


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