Thursday, January 16, 2014

A New Year and a New CD

Well here we go again, a new year and a new CD.

This is not really a "new CD" but a compilation of songs from my double CD (Pirate Songs-Sea Songs-Shanties) with some fresh songs, Caller Ou (Fresh Oysters, frae the North Sea), The Sea and The Ballad of Sam Hall ( from an older 1970s recording of mine). The double CD collection of sea songs has been my most successful recording ever so we decided to take the best of them and whittle them down to a single CD. The double CD is still available, of course. I am also working on volumes 3 and possibly 4 with more great pirate songs, and songs of the sea. It should be available by mid 2014.

I'm preparing once again for Robert Burns Night, for The Scottish  Society of the Lehigh Valley, their 40th to be exact. This will be a return engagement for me and I'm thrilled because I had such a great time last year!

I know it's only halfway through January but Spring and Summer are fast approaching and that's exciting and I'm ready for a new season of festivals. I will be posting some dates soon but once again I choose to limit them to certain ones so I can enjoy other Summer activities. There's more to life than Scottish festivals!

Yes I'm still writing my book about Ewan Colin Coupar and his Faerie friends, it's almost there, looking for an editor soon. These things do take time.

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