Monday, November 14, 2016

Remembering Leonard Cohen

These photos taken back in the early 1970s show the bar at the Irish Lancer where Leonard Cohen would occasionally drop by for a drink where Gordon Lee and I performing on a regular basis. He liked Irish and Scottish music. Two other photos are of Gordon and myself performing, one while opening for Billy Connolly at The Place Des Arts and one in the pub. The other is a brochure for La Salle Hotel where The Irish Lancer was. While I chatted with Leonard I did not know who he was as he didn't really say "Hey I'm Leonard Cohen". I only knew him as a customer whom I shared a drink with now and then. I found out who he was when a girl in the crowd one night asked me to song Suzanne, a song I occasionally sang. I didn't sing it right away and when she asked me why I said I would sing it in the next set. She stated it was too late as he had already left. I asked  was he here and she said yes you were talking to him at the bar. Little did I know.


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