Thursday, March 2, 2017

Now's The Day And Now's The Hour second edition is available now on

I have just released a second edition of a book that was first published in 2004 all about the Alamo and the Scottish influence there. It was preceded by a double CD called Scotland Remembers The Alamo with music that was played in and around Texas and the Alamo that was originally Scottish, English and Irish.
Nobody understood the concept of the double CD so I had to do a follow up with the book called Now's the Day and Now's the Hour which was a line that Sam Houston used in attempting to get volunteers to Texas at the time. Sam Houston was a big reader of Robert Burns poems and songs so we know where he got that line, (from Scots Wha Ha'e). The music and songs feature the original Scottish, English and Irish versions popular in Texas and the US at the time then go on to feature the Texian versions written to these songs and tunes. Included here is a copy of the front cover and the cover of a 2008 book entitled "Music of the Alamo" written by Alamo historian William Chemerka and Allen J. Wiener with and introduction by Phil Collins and a foreword by Fess Parker. Fess Parker who is no longer with us was featured as Davy Crockett in the Disney TV series of Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier. Phil Collins of course as we all know is an award-winning vocalist-instrumentalist and composer is and an avid enthusiast of the Alamo story. The Music of the Alamo book comes with a bonus CD with 8 tracks. Tracks 2 and 3 are from my double CD.

Now's The Day And Now's The Hour A unique collection of history and music that connects the spirit and the background of the Alamo defenders to Scotland. From the beginning of Scotland’s freedom wars, with Wallace and Bruce, we see the trend carried forward to the Texas and the Alamo. With piper John MacGregor and the fiddler of the Alamo the men’s spirits were maintained with the music of Scotland that contained a history of a fighting spirit. These songs were then used as the tunes for ballads and stories written about the Alamo and the Texas Revolution. This Texas freedom fight has its roots in Scotland’s freedom wars.

Of the Alamo defenders 12 were English, 9 were Irish, 4 were Scottish and one was Welsh. Up to 80% of the others were of Scotch-Irish origin.
Both books and CDs are available on
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