Monday, April 3, 2017

Kutztown Block Party April 23rd.2017

Just to remind everyone in and around Kutztown of our annual block party and Firefly Bookstore.
I will be there with both my books: 
My Scottish Fantasy story, Ewan Colin Coupar and a Touch of the Fae, and A Faerie Place CD
along with my Alamo book Now's the Day and Now's the Hour and the double CD Scotland Remembers the Alamo.
Firefly just changed locations on Main Street, Kutztown to just across the street from where they were. It's a wonderful store with lots of new and used books with tons of space for reading and events etc.
There will be other events going on up and down Main Street, Kutztown of course so lets hope for great weather and a great turnout.
Hello and thank you for participating in the fourth Firefly Bookstore Author Pavilion at the Kutztown Block Party on Sunday, April 23rd.
We will have a 10' x 30' space in front of our store on Main Street with a covered pavilion. We have 17 authors and illustrators, including lots of new guests, signed up with a great mix of fiction, non-fiction, and children's books. We encourage you to meet your fellow local authors and share your experiences! We will have employees and volunteers on hand to handle sales and assist you.
This event (as part of the Block Party) has grown enough in scope that we will be making an extra effort to promote Firefly's participation, using our mailing lists and online sites. We also hope to gain some media attention through a press package we will be mailing out to the local press. We would appreciate any effort you can make, though your own network/online/media contacts to get the word out that this pavilion is happening. If you need graphics, logos, text or other details, please don't hesitate to ask. Feel free to email any links or graphics to use ourselves. One area to focus on is Facebook, and we do have an event page:
You are welcome to post information, promotion, news articles, and links to your own websites (please do not link to Amazon)
We will have a point-of-sale set up in the pavilion with the ability to handle cash, checks, credit cards, and Paypal. We will also be providing tables, chairs, bottled water, and bags. There will be a posted schedule outside the tent, and plenty of signage.
This is the current schedule:
1:00 PM   
Bonnie Sussman-Versace "Recipes for Thoughtful Leadership and Healthy Culture" Business and Leadership
Lisa Werley and Ronda Lee Seymour "The Giving Jar" Children

Rowan Marie Hand "The Monsters' Guild" Fantasy Fiction

2:05 PM   
Melissa Koberlein "Fireflies" Young Adult Science-Fiction series
Carl Peterson "Ewan Colin Coupar and a Touch of the Fae" Fantasy Fiction 
Nadine Poper "Dachshunds in Moccasins" and  "Wienies in Bikinis" Children

Mickey Getty "Soot" and "The Junk Lottery"  Fiction

Amy Impellizzeri "Lemongrass Hope" and "Secrets of Worry Dolls"  Fiction

3:10 PM   
Elizabeth Bodien  "Endpapers" Poetry
Matt Strohm  "Combat and Corsets: My Debut as a Renfaire Performer" Memoir, Humor
Dale Reppert "Detour to Heaven"  Memoir, Inspiration
Erik Ammon  "The Rabbit Who Wished He Could Fly" and the Adventures of Kona and Friends  - Children

04:15 PM   
Jennifer Hetrick  "The Labors of Our Fingertips: Poems from Manufacturing History in Berks County"  Poetry, Local History
Emma Billig & Kayla Fusselman "Kutztown University" Local History
Kevin  McCloskey  "We Dig Worms", " The Real Poop On Pigeons", and "Something's Fishy" Children 
Karen Hertzog "The Truth is in "The Word"" and "Saving Genesius" Inspirational, Fiction

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